The Problem: Solar energy is the future but…‏

  • Solar electric panel effectiveness is only 10%‏
  • 80% is wasted (heat)‏
  • Solar energy can be harnessed 7 hours per day
  • Solar water heating: 6 -7 months per year
  • From 1KWh Sun Energy we can get only 200Wh
  • Solar panels are not in the “Green Angle”‏

The Solution:
The correct angle of the sun – Astrophysics

It’s actually very complicated to do it correctly, but after doing that, you can get hot water all year, even in the winter!

  • Latitude and Azimuth
  • Location does matter:Golan, Haifa, Hadera, Natania, TLV, Rishon…‏
  • Changing seasons
  • Solar panel tilt

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